One of Dr. Robert Salter’s favorite quotes was from Louis Pasteur. "When I look upon a child, I am filled with admiration for that child – not so much for what it is today, as for what it may become." In many ways, that quote defines our profession and binds us together in the cause of helping children with orthopaedic conditions realize their full potential.

A critically important part of that responsibility is ensuring that we are doing the very best we can. That involves constant research and education. OrthoPediatrics has already been making a significant commitment to excellence in pediatric orthopedic education.

The creation of the Foundation is to have an entity, separate and distinct from the company itself, that will focus entirely on research and education. It is guided by a Board of highly respected surgeons and educators. Excellence will come with the utilization of the latest in education methodology. We will also be constantly evaluating the educational events to ensure that we are actually accomplishing what we hope to accomplish. This is all done with a commitment to complement, not compete, with the educational efforts of POSNA and IPOS.

We look forward with great anticipation to playing an important role in educating those who have both the privilege and the responsibility of helping a child "for what it may become".